I specialise in helping other people to visualise their story. I'm involved in every step of the process. I help by formulating the concept. I film and edit and apply motion graphics where required. See left: an impression of commissioned projects achieved over the years. See below: selected projects which give an inside into other acquired work experiences.
A regular client of mine is The NEMO science museum in Amsterdam. Many projects that I have created for them take the form of installations, involving film, motion graphics as well as interactive aids. These are featured within exhibitions and support their education program. For the exhibition 'Life in the Universe' I developed a series of documentaries to inform children aged at 8 to 14, about long distance space travel and laws in space. Interviewing several specialist on the subject including leading scientists. These were conducted using green screen on locations. In post production I've added animations to keep it interesting for the target market. Next to this, I've had the task to create a fictional commercial which invited viewers to imagine undertaking a journey into space. Short documentary with Angelo Vermeulen about the effects of Long distance space travel Short documentary with Tanja Masson-Zwaan about rules and laws in space Fictional commercial inviting the viewer to imagine a journey into space.
Foto's: NEMO Science Museum – DigiDaan
Goldilocks Zone is a commissioned installation for NEMO. It invites the visitors to move a globe, representing the earth, towards or away from the Sun. Each step taken by the physical movement of the Earth displays a new video which explains what life would be like if the Earth was further or closer to the Sun. I created eight accompanying videos which used 2.5D parallax effect, created using Adobe After Effects to give still images the appearance of movement.
Foto's: NEMO Science Museum – DigiDaan
The Science museum NEMO also organises education programs within schools. They commissioned me to create five short videos with tasks for students. see left: One video with scientist Djoeke Schoonenberg.
Stichting Vakbekwaamheid Horeca supports and edjucates people in the catering industry. After publishing their book 'Marketing & sales in een horecabedrijf' by Ellen van Kooten I was commissioned to develope eight videos to support their education program. Together with the writer, I've interviewed several entrepreneurs in the catering industry.
The company 'Doelloos Gelukkig provides lifestyle workshops for people who suffer from a burnout. I was commissioned to develop two videos that conveyed a sense of the struggle and suffering one might experience if undergoing a burnout. These were used as examples during the workshops.