JUST JAKE (2017)

Short narrative film (5.43)

In the short film Just Jake (2017) the viewer is introduced to the lives of two characters, Jean and Jake, husband and wife who have spent all their days together. Jean has found her calling as a popular lifestyle guru who inspires her followers on a daily basis with her YouTube tutorials and self-help books. Her motto is 'I am Just Jean! And that is good enough!'. Her husband Jake is a supportive man and although he has lost his job, he tries to stay relevant by helping his wife whenever he can. However, his help is often unnoticed or unappreciated. One day an email from a company called FORTUNEWOOD﷯ arrives in Jake’s inbox, the link takes him to the company's website where he is seduced into scanning his fingerprint in exchange for personal counselling. The film was accompanied by an audio installation based on my fictional company called FORTUNEWOOD (2017). This installation invites the audience to scan their fingerprint, and after they do so, it offers brief personal mentoring advice presented by a famous movie star.
Just Jean And that is good enough!

Trailer : Just Jake (2017)